This is the Best Way to Source

and import products from the Czech Republic

This is your best way to find, establish and maintain your international connections

with reliable, reputable and cost-effective manufacturers in the Czech Republic

This is the best solution to control your import goods from the Czech Republic

Product Sourcing

Target and verify with us reliable and cost effective suppliers

(new just as well as the current)

  • Do not loose your time and energy searching for your local business opportunities and new business partners in the internet

  • Do not spend money for calling international cold contacts - we can arrange on your behalf local meetings or local RFPs considerably better

  • Ask us any question on the local business or political environment in the Czech Republic and the consequential cultural specifics

  • Let us verify your business partners in the business and legal registers

  • Avoid disadvantageous quotations just because you miss any important information

Quality Control

Make sure that quality and SLA requirements are met in time

(avoid and prevent claims with us)

  • Let us audit and verify for you the local supply chain of your goods to be in accordance with your requirements and needs

  • Let us check for you the loading of your shipment, its handling¬† and dispatch, ask us for a photo documentation for any purpose

  • Let us ensure that all the administration requirements are fully complied

  • Let us immediately inform you on any irregularity or a non routine matter as it arises

  • Do not impose your staff to travel regulations, save money for avoidable business trips

we can solve your local needs better and more cost effective

State administration

Sort out with us your language and cultural barriers at the state offices

(native speaker is an advantage)

  • Let us visit the state offices and authorities on your behalf and let us talk to the local officers on your behalf in Czech as they unfortunately still prefer

  • Let us find out for you the answers to your questions related to the official procedures and requirements

  • Let us fill in on your behalf the required forms as available only in Czech

  • Let us check for you the important local deadlines for your business and "what must be done in time" to avoid wasting your legal opportunities

  • Let us investigate for you the answers to your questions which can and may be asked only personally

You can rely and trust in our support

We are your local business assistance and commercial support in the Czech Republic

We are your local economic and business advantage, save money with us

Read why to choose and trust in our staff and services in the following points

Have no fear, no concerns Contact us anytime

We understand what is important

  • Non disclosure agreement is for us the basic contractual obligation in order to guarantee our customers that all their company information and data will forever and ever remain their mostly protected company secrets and properties

  • We see also all the moral and ethic principles to be our base company principle, which we are ready to guarantee and confirm to all our customers in any way

  • Each customer and each co-operation is for us unique and special and we are ready to comply with any request or need - it is just enough to ask us and tell us.

  • You can rely on our professional and reputable staff with many year experience in all possible commercial and business occupations, but yet, if any special knowledge shall be required to fulfill your request,¬† let us know and discuss it together in order to find a solution to your satisfaction

Each country is unique and each country has a potential

We help you in the Czech Republic
  • We know how difficult and how long lasting is to deal with the state administration in the Czech Republic

  • We are aware that the Czech language is an ice breaking moment for a success although state officers are required to know and speak in English well

  • We realize how many key and strategic information are published only in the Czech language in a hardly accessible sources and places

  • We have experienced on our own, how many forms and formalities are required to be passed in the Czech language only, while English is not accepted

  • And last but not least, there are of course cultural advantageous, which can prepare space for your own negotiation and talks

Always enforce your rights and entitlements with us

Never give up your rights because of travel costs and time concerns
  • Never give up or compromise your rights, claims or entitlements because you are afraid of travel costs and time consuming affairs

  • Let us do the common and routine business steps and administration needs on your behalf as we can do it cost effective and with due care just as if you did it on your own

  • With us you do not pay international travel costs, you are not limited by travel restrictions and requirements

  • Notwithstanding your own staff, we can be on the spot anywhere in the Czech Republic within a very short time and without any additional travel costs of your own staff

Contact us still today for more information

Let us support you and prove you the favorable difference for you

The World is not a limit for us

We want to hear from you no matter in which country of the World your office is located

You may contact us in English, German or Russian language

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We are here for you

we are here to assist and support

your business needs in the Czech Republic